However, it weighs up quite heavily when you push

Mercedes’ GLE 450 AMG Coup

Imitation is the best form of flattery they say, more so if it’s by high quality designer replica handbags wholesale your arch rival that joins the segment you created eight years ago. Meet the GLE Coupe, Mercedes’ blatant take on the BMW X6, the car that pioneered the crossover coup niche.

After a blockbuster 2015, which saw record sales for Mercedes Benz cheap louis vuitton bags from china , not just in India but globally, the German luxury brand isn’t easing off the gas, kicking off 2016 in fine style with the Mercedes GLE 450 AMG Coupe.

Who would have thought that a big, powerful, fuel guzzling petrol is more politically correct than a torquey and frugal diesel? But with the anti diesel sentiment at an all time high and a ban on big diesels in Delhi, the largest car market in India, manufacturers are subtly distancing themselves from diesel. Mercedes has cleverly launched the GLE Coupe with a petrol only (for now) option and it’s not just any petrol, but the 450 AMG version. But don’t let the AMG badge mislead you. This isn’t the completely mental 63 AMG version with the no holds barred 576.6 bhp 5.5 litre twin turbo V8, but the much milder three litre V6 turbo petrol that delivers a more sedate 362bhp.

First impressions when you lean on the nicely sprung throttle pedal is that it’s not madly quick but then this heavy crossover weighing a portly 2.2 tonnes isn’t going to take off like the AMG GT. That said replica designer handbags , the V6 will wind quite freely to its 6,200rpm redline propelling this four door coup to 100kph in a more than respectable 5.7 seconds.

The nine speed automatic gearbox responds quite well and is quick to kickdown. The last two gear ratios are seriously tall which allows for very relaxed cruising at highway speeds, but all it takes is a small flex of the right foot for the 9G Tronic transmission to rapidly shift two, even three gears down for a quick overtaking manoeuvre. It’s only at city speeds, when you’re on and off the throttle that the gearbox gets caught out and feels a bit hesitant.

The V6’s soundtrack is a bit of a disappointment it isn’t AMG enough. There’s a bit of a burble though you miss the throaty growl of the full fat V8. Truth is that the GLE, in its 450 AMG avatar , has all the power you need, but it doesn’t feel replica designer handbags exciting enough even in the most aggressive ‘Sport+’ mode and fake louis bag is a bit too soft for true enthusiasts.

The ride and handling balance too is tilted towards comfort and that was immediately obvious in the first 100 metres of driving the car. Even on 21 inch wheels shod with low profile rubber, the GLE Coupe soaked up potholes and bumps with remarkable ease. There’s plenty of ground clearance too which is further increased with the suspension lift mode that is standard.

The trade off, however, is a bit of a wallowy ride on uneven surfaces and a fair bit of body movement. It also tends to rock from side to side and doesn’t feel as settled as we would have liked, especially at the speeds the car is capable of.

The electrically assisted steering is quite accurate but feels a bit numb. However, it weighs up quite heavily when you push into a corner. So, the faster you go, the more effort the steering needs. This is particularly good, because at the limit, it gives you a lot of confidence. With an AMG mill, Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica even if it’s a mild one, under the long hood, you will at some point be tempted to use all its horses to get the GLE Coupe’s bobtail out. But aaa replica designer handbags after a point, you’ll realise that the best way to drive the GLE Coupe is in a more relaxed manner. The truth is that in this sliver of super SUVs, the GLE Coupe is up against some dynamically accomplished rivals like the Porsche Cayenne Turbo that can run donuts round it.

What the GLE Coupe may lack in handling finesse, it makes up in style, that is if you like the concept of a big, bulky coup. Like most of its breed, the GLE is a bit funnily proportioned the 1.7m height and massive footprint is replica louis vuitton at odds high quality replica handbags china with sleekness you would expect from a coup. But what you can’t miss is the sheer road presence of the GLE Coupe and the show off factor it generates an ideal way for someone to flaunt their money. The GLE Coupe is surprisingly practical too. Slip into the high driver’s seat and you’ll think you’re in a proper SUV and not a replica louis vuitton bags from china hunkered down crossover.

Space in the rear seat is surprisingly good too and again very un coup like. There’s more useable space than you think and even tall people can sit quite comfortably without brushing the headliner. Mercedes designers have done a great job balancing the swooping coup roofline with internal room. Unlike the regular GLE SUV, the coup version is strictly a four seater. You can squeeze replica louis vuitton bags a passenger in the middle but the way the seat contours jut out makes this quite uncomfortable. The boot can hold 650 litres of Louis Vuitton luggage, but the high lip doesn’t make loading easy.

There’s no dearth of equipment either. The GLE Coupe comes packed with all that you would want including special amenities like an 8.0 inch touchscreen infotainment system, AMG sport seats in the front and a panoramic sunroof. We particularly liked the eight speaker sound system that transforms the cabin into a concert hall.

Purists won’t find the 450 Coupe AMG enough and those looking for practicality and space would be better off in a regular GLE. Comfort, refined performance and a style statement (for some) is what the GLE 450 AMG Coupe is all about and priced at Rs 88 lakh (ex showroom, Delhi), it may just about tempt you to make a wonderfully irrational choice.

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